Hidden in Zurich takes you to your limits. Together with colleagues, family or friends, you can experience three exciting escape rooms with us. Solve puzzles together, crack locks, find secret hiding places and defuse tricky traps. Be careful, only as a team can you successfully escape from the rooms. But time is against you. Remain 60 minutes. Tick Tack…

3 Game Rooms, Room for up to 21 players
Face the challenge and experience magical adventures
Directly in a bowling centre – combines two great activities with each other
Combine your visit with our culinary offers

Last-minute bookings

You want to play today or tomorrow at short notice. That is no problem for us. In our calendar you can find all current dates.

Unveil the secret

Murphy’s Pub

As a undercover investigator, find out what’s going on in Murphy’s Pub and solve the mystery.

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  • 2-7 Players
  • Mysterious & Scary
  • ****
Search the hideout

The Secret Hideout

Can you stop the notorious villain Dr. Danger and save Zurich from destruction?

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  • 2-7 Players
  • Dangerous & Exciting
  • ****
Escape with the gold

The National Bank

After an unsuccessful breach at the National Bank of Zurich, you are stuck. Can you free yourself in 60 minutes?

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  • 2-7 Players
  • Enigmatic & Diverse
  • *****
5 Sterne Lorem

Wir hatten das Vergnügen gleich 2 Räume zu spielen. Die Nationalbank und das Warehouse. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!Super Konzept, tolles Personal.

Silvana H.
5 Sterne Lorem

Wir haben die Nationalbank gespielt. Es hatte tolle Rätsel mit einer coolen Hintergrundgeschichte. Der Raum war liebevoll bis ins kleinste Detail eingerichtet. Und Dominik, unser Spielleiter war sehr nett und hat uns wunderbar betreut. Vielen Dank!

Nadja D.
5 Sterne Lorem

Super Escape-Room, sehr authentische Pub-Einrichtung, spannende Rätsel, gute Erklärungen und Tipps vom Gamemaster! Sehr Empfehlenswert für einen Ausflug mit Kollegen.

Mister M.
Team Events

Real Teamwork

Our Escape Rooms are ideal for team events of any kind. Whether you are planning a Christmas party or a summer party or want to strengthen your team in the context of an advanced training – we have the right offer for you. Your game can also be combined with our gastronomic offer or bowling.


The best gift

A voucher for our Escape Rooms is the perfect gift for almost any occasion. Young & old have their fun in our rooms. The voucher does not lose its validity and the amount can be adjusted individually.

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Hidden Games Zürich


Detective Game

Demonstrate real police work

You haven’t had enough of our games yet and want to continue puzzling at home? Our first detective game “Der Fall Klein-Borstelheim” demands a lot from you as an investigator. You have to solve a real crime case together as a team. You have to check alibis, understand the course of events and even think around the corner.

*The detective game is only available in German!

Detective Game