your bachelor party with us

Jump into an adventure with your group and spend an unforgettable bachelor party with us.


Jump into the adventure together
Combine your visit with a dinner or bowling game
The perfect event for mixed groups


Our Escape Rooms require true teamwork. You’ll have to solve puzzles, crack locks, decipher clues, and bring your room’s history to a successful conclusion.

In each of our puzzle rooms up to 8 people can play at the same time. If you’re more than that, you can simply divide into several rooms and play in parallel.

The costs for the games start at 30 CHF per person.  

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5 Sterne

Wir feierten meinen Junggesellinnen Abschied dort mit Escape Room und anschliessendem Bowling. Sehr nettes Personal! Und dankee für den spendierten Drink!

Flo S.