Your children´s birthday party at our Escape Rooms

In our Escape Rooms you will spend an unforgettable children’s birthday party.

The children have to solve many tasks together, discover secret doors and work as a team to bring the story to a good end. From the age of 13, children can play the Escape Rooms unaccompanied by an adult.



Suitable for children 10 years and up
Combine your visit with a game of bowling
Enjoy an unforgetable day


Up to 7 children can play in one room.

With our three rooms we can accommodate 21 children at the same time.

Should you be more participants, the experience can of course also be combined with a visit to our bowling alley. Please contact us and we will develop an individual offer tailored to your needs.

If the average age at the children’s birthday party is under 13 years, an adult should come with the children and take a seat in the introduction room. There is always a game master  supervising the players by camera and can give a little help, if the group is stuck on a puzzle.

The average age of the children should not be less than 9 years, because then our rooms are simply too difficult.

The games last 1.5 hours including a short introduction and debriefing. The costs start at 30 CHF per person. Adult accompanying persons are not included and play accordingly free of charge.

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Depending on the age we recommend different rooms for the children.

Our Escape Room “The secret shelter” can be played by children from the age of 9. It is not necessary for an adult to accompany the children during the game. However, an accompanying person should be available on site at all times.

Children aged 12 and over can play in the “The National Bank” room. However, as the room is quite tricky, it is necessary for the group to be accompanied by an adult who comes into the room.

We only recommend our Escape Room “Murphys Pub” from the age of 14. It is also necessary that the group is accompanied by an adult who plays along.




5 Sterne Here is what the kids say

Einfach Genial! Unvorstellbar was auf einen wartet. Wir werden es wieder machen ! 🙂
Das Personal ist einfach super-freundlich und sympathisch!

Stefan M.